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Saint Paul Lutheran Church, Deer Park, WI 54007
St Paul Lutheran Church

Saint Paul Lutheran Church

Deer Park, Wisconsin

Church office phone: (715) 269-5126 (leave message)

Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m.


If you have information you would like included in the monthly newsletter, get that information to Lois Carnine and Julie Heiden before the last Wednesday of the month.

Pastor John Wilman 715-263-2723, Cell: 715-790-1558
Office: 715-269-5126 (leave a message)

Lutheran Church Events for October 2014 at Deer Park and Forest
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


10:00 AM SP Bible Study



3  4 

Deer Park Firemen's Chili Supper



SP Harvest Picnic

8:00 AM SJ Worship

8:45 AM SP Sunday School

9:00 AM SP Fellowship

9:30 AM SP Worship

10:45 AM SP Ladies Mtg.



10:00 AM SP Bible Study

8 9 10

4:00 PM - 7:00 PM SJ Spaghetti Supper




8:00 AM SJ Worship

8:45 AM SP Sunday School

9:00 AM SP Fellowship

9:30 AM SP Worship

10:45 AM Voters' Mtg.


7:00 PM SP 4-H Mtg.


10:00 AM SP Bible Study.




4:00 PM - 7:30 PM SP Chili Supper


8:30 AM - 1:00 PM LWML Rally/Amery



8:00 AM SJ Worship

8:45 AM SP Sunday School

9:00 AM SP Fellowship

9:30 AM SP Worship

10:45 AM SP Elders Mtg.



10:00 AM SJ Pastors' Circuit Mtg.

22 23

24 25



8:00 AM SJ Worship

8:45 AM SP Sunday School

9:00 AM SP Fellowship

9:30 AM SP Worship



10:00 AM SP Bible Study


7:00 PM SP Youth Meeting

30    *SP=St. Paul, Deer Park
*SJ= St. John's, Forest  

March 1March 1, 2014.


In the event of the following weather conditions existing during the time of worship services or church activities, all St. Paul Church activities will be cancelled.
1. St. Croix County/Polk County Winter Storm Declaration
2. Rain or sleet creating ice road conditions.
3. Blizzard or severe winter storms that make driving hazardous
4. Tornado watches/warnings
5. Sustained wind chills at or exceeding -20 degrees F.
6. Any other county or state emergency government warnings to avoid travel.

Cancellation decisions to cancel church activities will be at the discretion of at least two elders who are in communication with the pastor.

Member notification procedure: In the event that church activities are cancelled a mass e-mailing will be sent to those church members who have e-mail services and provided an e-mail address to the Board of Elders. All persons without e-mail services will be notified by phone by the responsible elder for that member.

Notification order: 1. All Elders & Pastor; 2. Mass e-mail sender -- Congregation President -- Organist; 3. Members without e-mail notified by phone by elders and pastor.

Pastor’s Page - October 2014 “THE CHANGING SEASONS”

Genesis 8:22 “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”

Fall is in the air! Now, that’s good news for some people, like hunters who have endured what seemed like a never-ending summer of heat and humidity, rain, and lawn mowing. For others, that’s bad news, because it marks the end of the summer garden, the flowers, and the long, peaceful summer nights. (I won’t even mention that it’s time to get the snow blower tuned up, buy a new snow shovel, and clean the rain gutters).

For those of us who have experienced the passing seasons for a goodly number of years, it seems like we barely get into one season before another season comes knocking on our door.

Not long ago I came out of the woods after an evening of bow hunting. But it didn’t really seem like bow hunting because rainforest-like undergrowth and the hordes of mosquitoes that still infest the woods made for a miserable hunt. But as I emerged from the woods, I was greeted by the last light of dusk, a rising moon, a slight chill in the air, and that first deep lung-full of autumn air--a mixture of smells of dying grasses, changing leaves, wood smoke, and ripening corn and soybeans. There is just no other time of the year that smells as sweet as this.

The best part of it all is the reminder that God promised it would be this was as long as this world exists. The cited verse above comes from God’s covenant that He made with Noah after the flood. There were some pleasing smells then, too. Scripture tells us: “Then Noah built an altar to the Lord, and taking some of all the clean animals and clean birds, he sacrificed burnt offerings on it. The Lord smelled the pleasing aroma and said in his heart: ‘Never again will I curse the ground…’”

God promised that there will always be the changing of seasons as long as we live--as long as this world shall live. Some seasons we will love. We can’t wait until they come and are sad when they go. Some seasons we don’t love so much.

But the changing seasons are just a reminder of something greater that God has promised. Things never stay the same--they are always changing. When things are going badly or sadly in our life, we have the assurance and the eternal hope that God will make it change. When things are going good in our life, we rejoice with an even greater fervor because we know that this, too, will change for the not so good.

Just as we rejoice in the all too fleeting fall colors, we rejoice that the only thing that never changes is God. God and His promises will endure forever.

Rev. John Wilman

FUNERAL SERVICE was held at St. Paul Lutheran for Orville Knoll on Saturday, Sept. 20..

HARVEST FESTIVAL SUNDAY will be Sunday, October 6 at both St. Paul and St. John churches. St. Paul’s will also be having a Barbeque Chicken dinner after worship. Bring a dish to pass. Everyone is welcome.

HORSE-DRAWN WAGON RIDES will be offered during and after the dinner on Oct. 6.

ST. JOHN’S ANNUAL SPAGHETTI SUPPER is scheduled for Friday, October 10 from 4-7pm.

ST. PAUL’S ANNUAL CHILI SUPPER, CRAFT, BAKE SALE, AND SILENT AUCTION will be Friday, October 17 from 4 -7:30 pm.

LWML ZONE 8 FALL RALLY will be Saturday, October 18 at Amery Redeemer Lutheran Church. Registration begins at 8:30 AM, Rally goes from 9 - 1. Bible Study Topic is “Inside Out and Upside Down.” It is a study of the Book of Acts.

ST. JOHN’S BIBLE STUDY meets at 7 pm every Thursday. The class is beginning a Bible study on Hebrews.

ST. PAUL’S BIBLE STUDY meets at 10 am every Tuesday except on the scheduled day of the Circuit Pastors’ meetings. The class is beginning a study on Revelation.

INSTALLATION OF PASTOR WILMAN as Vacancy Pastor is scheduled for Sunday, October 26th during the worship service at both St. John and St. Paul churches. North Wisconsin District President Dwayne Lueck will be doing the installation.

CIRCUIT FORUM is scheduled for October 26 at 2 pm at Redeemer Lutheran in Amery. Congregations will need to have chosen their lay representative to the North Wisconsin District Convention, June 7 & 8, 2015, in Weston, Wisconsin. Church officers and all interested members are welcome to attend.

QUARTERLY VOTERS’ MEETINGS: St. Paul’s - October 12, after worship;

St. John’s - October 15, 7 pm.

LWML MEETINGS: St. John’s - October 8, 7 pm

St. Paul’s - October 5, after worship.


Pastor John Wilman, of St. Paul Lutheran Church, speaks at Deer Park's Memorial Day 2012 observance at Calvary Cemetery. The video is 7 minutes 40 seconds long and includes the entire message.


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