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Saint Paul Lutheran Church, Deer Park, WI 54007
St Paul Lutheran Church

Saint Paul Lutheran Church

Deer Park, Wisconsin

Church office phone: (715) 269-5126 (leave message)

Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m.


If you have information you would like included in the monthly newsletter, get that information to Lois Carnine and Julie Heiden before the last Wednesday of the month.

Pastor John Wilman 715-263-2723, Cell: 715-790-1558
Office: 715-269-5126 (leave a message)

Lutheran Church Events for September 2014 at Deer Park and Forest
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

8:00 AM SJ Worship

9:00 AM SP Fellowship/Coffee

9:30 AM SP Worship



10:00 AM SP Bible Study



5  6 

8:00 AM SJ Worship

8:45 AM SP Sun School

9:00 AM SP Fellowship/Coffee

9:30 AM SP Worship

10:45 AM SP LWML mtg.



10:00 AM SP Bible Study

10 11 12 13


8:00 AM SJ Worship

8:45 AM SP Sun School

9:00 AM SP Fellowship/Coffee

9:30 AM SP Worship



Circuit pastor's mtg.






8:00 AM SJ Worship

8:45 AM SP Sun School

9:00 AM SP Fellowship/Coffee

9:30 AM SP Worship



10:00 AM SP Bible Study

24 25

26 27


8:00 AM SJ Worship

8:45 AM SP Sun School

9:00 AM SP Fellowship

9:30 AM SP Worship



10:00 AM SP Bible Study

      *SP=St. Paul, Deer Park
*SJ= St. John's, Forest  

March 1March 1, 2014.


In the event of the following weather conditions existing during the time of worship services or church activities, all St. Paul Church activities will be cancelled.
1. St. Croix County/Polk County Winter Storm Declaration
2. Rain or sleet creating ice road conditions.
3. Blizzard or severe winter storms that make driving hazardous
4. Tornado watches/warnings
5. Sustained wind chills at or exceeding -20 degrees F.
6. Any other county or state emergency government warnings to avoid travel.

Cancellation decisions to cancel church activities will be at the discretion of at least two elders who are in communication with the pastor.

Member notification procedure: In the event that church activities are cancelled a mass e-mailing will be sent to those church members who have e-mail services and provided an e-mail address to the Board of Elders. All persons without e-mail services will be notified by phone by the responsible elder for that member.

Notification order: 1. All Elders & Pastor; 2. Mass e-mail sender -- Congregation President -- Organist; 3. Members without e-mail notified by phone by elders and pastor.

Pastor’s Page - September 2014 “FOOD FOR THE HUNGRY”

Matthew 14:20 “They all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over.”

We live in a world that is hungry. I am hungry. You are hungry. We all hunger for attention, power, love, things. We hunger for a life that knows no anger, discord, fighting, or broken relationships. We hunger for a world where our children can simply be children, allowed to grow up without knowing hate, bullying, pain, suffering, abuse and broken homes.

In Jesus’ miracle of turning the sack lunch of a small boy into a nourishing feast for five thousand men and their families, we have a tendency to magnify the miracle while overlooking a minor detail that can speak volumes to those who hunger for better things.

In the above verse we learn that “all,” everyone present, ate and were satisfied. The different Gospel writers used two different words that conveniently translate into “satisfied.” But the Greek meanings more accurately translate as “satiated,” meaning to “satisy fully to the point of excess.” Jesus provided such food in abundance that Jesus, the disciples, five thousand men and their families--everyone gathered in that remote place--ate good tasting food, and ate it in such abundance that they had to open their belts a notch or two.

Only Jesus has the unlimited power to fully feed and satiate the daily cravings of our physical and spiritual needs in this life. That which comes from God must be valued and not wasted. The blessings of the Lord--be it physical food, spiritual food, material things, wealth, power, love, or great esteem must not be willfully squandered.

Even though there be a superabundance, more than we need, this does not entitle us to abuse it,

Cause harm with it, squander it, or throw it into the garbage pail. We aren’t told what was done with the twelve basketfuls of leftover food. (Twelve is a significant number used throughout Scripture to signify completeness.) Some suggest that it was given to the poor. But why the poor? Aren’t the poor entitled to the original bread like everyone else? By practicing good stewardship we are enabled to give to others. The command to pick up the leftovers was a silent rebuke to those who had wasted the fragments. It was given to them to keep and use as they saw fit. But not to waste.

May we always look to God to satisfy our hunger. May we always practice good stewardship in all that he blesses us with, so that we in turn may be a blessing to others.

Rev. John Wilman

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL was held on Aug. 3 and 10 following worship services. Thank you to Laura Duval for organizing it and to the Ladies Aid for providing and serving the lunches.

THE PARSONAGE in Deer Park has been sold. BLACKTOPPING is being done to enlarge the parking area in front of the church. LANDSCAPING is being planned for the slopes in the church yard by the parking lot.

CONGRATULATIONS to Brian Miller and Katie Whiteside who were married on Sat., Aug. 16, at St. Paul Lutheran Church.

SOPHIA ANN NELSON was honored at a baby shower on Sun., Aug. 24th. She is the infant daughter of Jessica and Steve Nelson, granddaughter of Julie and Jeff Heiden, and great-granddaughter of Lois Carnine. She was born on July 26.

CONGRATULATIONS to NICOLE YOUNG, who graduated from Amery High School on June 1. She was recognized during worship service on Aug. 24. She plans to attend St. Scholastica in Duluth. PETER PLACE was also recognized during the service for project work that he has completed in Boy Scouts.

BAPTIZED on July 13 was Mason Henry Smith, who was born on March 7, 2014. He is the son of Tina (Tulgren) Monroe and Richard Smith, grandson of Vonnie Webb.

BIBLE STUDY for St. Paul Lutheran Church will resume in September on Tuesday mornings at 10 AM. There is always coffee and goodies as well as learning.


Pastor John Wilman, of St. Paul Lutheran Church, speaks at Deer Park's Memorial Day 2012 observance at Calvary Cemetery. The video is 7 minutes 40 seconds long and includes the entire message.


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