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Saint Paul Lutheran Church, Deer Park, WI 54007
St Paul Lutheran Church

Saint Paul Lutheran Church

Deer Park, Wisconsin

Church office phone: (715) 269-5126 (leave message)

Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m.


If you have information you would like included in the monthly newsletter, get that information to Lois Carnine and Julie Heiden before the last Wednesday of the month.

Pastor John Wilman 715-263-2723, Cell: 715-790-1558
Office: 715-269-5126 (leave a message)

Lutheran Church Events for May 2015 at Deer Park and Forest
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


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8:00 AM SJ Worship

8:45 AM SP Sun. School

9:00 AM SP Coffee Fellowship

9:30 AM SP Worship

10:45 AM SP Ladies mtg.



7:00 PM SP Bible Study

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8:00 AM SJ Worship

8:45 AM SP Sun. School

9:00 AM SP Coffee Fellowship

9:30 AM SP Worship

10:45 AM SP Council mtg.


6:30 PM SP 4-H mtg.


7:00 PM SP Bible Study



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8:00 AM SJ Worship

9:00 AM SP Coffee Fellowship

9:30 AM SP Worship

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7:00 PM SP Bible Study

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8:00 AM SJ Worship

9:00 AM SP Coffee Fellowship

9:30 AM SP Worship




7:00 PM SP Bible Study


7:00 PM SP Youth mtg.

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8:00 AM SJ Worship

9:00 AM SP Coffee Fellowship

9:30 AM SP Worship

          *SP=St. Paul, Deer Park
*SJ= St. John's, Forest  

March 1March 1, 2014.

INCLEMENT WEATHER-WORSHIP CANCELLATION POLICY: In the event of the following weather conditions existing during the time of worship services or church activities, all St. Paul Church activities will be cancelled.
1. St. Croix County/Polk County Winter Storm Declaration.
2. Rain or sleet creating icy road conditions.
3. Blizzard or severe winter storms that make driving hazardous.
4. Tornado watches/warnings.
5. Sustained wind chills at or exceeding -20 degrees Fahrenheit.
6. Any other county or state emergency government warnings to avoid travel.

The decision to cancel church activities will be at the discretion of at least two elders who are in communication with the pastor.

Members will be notified by a mass e-mail or will be notified by phone by the responsible elder for that member.

Pastor’s Page - March 2015 “LENT IS…”

Lent is many things to many people. Lenten sermons and midweek services cover many themes and topics throughout the years. But certain messages always stay the same. To enhance your journey throughout these 40 days, the following are some daily reminders of Lent intended to be read each day of the week and every week.

(Monday) Lent is a Reminder of Baptism

As Christians, we worship the one true God, who constantly invites our “yes” to His gift of abundant life. Baptism ushers this to us as Christ brings us into His death and resurrection. Lent, as a reminder of baptism, is a foretaste of the resurrection, and it leaves us hungering for life in all its fullness. The gift of the Spirit, poured out in Baptism and sealed at Confirmation, guides us in our journey to fullness of life through the sacraments and seasons. What does Christ’s Body and Blood mean to you in Lent? How does that meaning differ from other church seasons?

(Tuesday) Lent is a Lengthening of Days

With the lengthening of winter’s days we find ourselves contemplating the journey through Lent to Easter. The growing hours of daylight remind us of the resurrection’s light, Christ’s light, which our crucified and risen Lord shares time and time again in the sacraments, as well as in day-to-day encounters. What will you do with an extra hour of sunshine as winter comes to an end?

(Wednesday) Lent is a Time for a Change of Heart

Lent gives us time to consider our responses to Jesus’ command to love God and our neighbor. Our Lenten prayer then becomes one of repentance for sin, which fails to meet the demands of generosity. We all fall short. We ask not only for a change of heart, but a new heart and a right spirit--a spirit that is again at peace in Christ--that God would restore in us the heart of Christ, enlivened in us in Baptism. Consider Jesus’ command--how will your love for your neighbor today be a living reminder of God’s love for you?

(Thursday) Lent is Your Life and Mine, Hidden With Christ

Lent is a season of grace that invites us to fast from what distracts us, if only to recognize that only God can fulfill our deepest longings. Lent invites us to engage in generosity and works of mercy towards our suffering and needy brothers and sisters. Lent reminds us that our truest self lies hidden with Christ in God, and that in Christ we are one Body. How will you be generous tomorrow with what you’ve been blessed with today?

(Friday) Lent is a Time for Renewing our Trust

The resurrection experience of Jesus tells us that in Him, we can trust that the Father will raise us up in the power of the Spirit from the small deaths we so often seem to undergo during Lent, so that we might joyfully celebrate the fullness of life that is our inheritance through Baptism, at Easter. What small deaths has God raised you from in your life? This week? Today?

(Excerpted and edited from a Circuit Pastor’s Bible Study prepared by Rev. Ryan Schroeder)

Rev. John Wilman


for St. John Lutheran Church, Forest and St. Paul Lutheran Church, Deer Park THEME: “The Seven-Point Salvation Outline.”

Mar 4 - 7 pm St. Paul’s 2nd Midweek Lent “God Punishes Sin” Romans 6:23
Mar 11 - 7 pm St. John’s 3rd Midweek Lent “Jesus Took Our Punishment” Rom. 5:8
Mar 18 - 7 pm St. Paul’s 4th Midweek Lent “Jesus Rose From the Dead” 1 Cor 15:3-4
Mar 25 - 7 pm St. John’s 5th midweek Lent “Jesus Offers Forgiveness” Acts 16:30-31
Mar 29 - 8 am St. John’s Palm Sunday “Salvation is Free” Ephesians 1:8-9
Mar 29 - 9:30 am St. Paul’s Palm Sunday “Salvation is Free” Ephesians 1:8-9
(Holy Communion will be celebrated at both services)
Apr 2 - 7 pm St. Paul’s Maundy Thursday Holy Communion will be celebrated
Apr 3 - 7 pm St. John’s Good Friday Tenebrae Vesper Service
Apr 5 - 8 am St. John’s Easter Holy Communion will be celebrated
Apr 5 - 9:30 am St. Paul’s Easter Holy Communion will be celebrated

BAPTIZED AT ST. PAUL’S: Jace David Golden, 7-month-old son of Meghan and Jacob Golden of Deer Park, was baptized at St. Paul Lutheran Church on Sunday, Feb. 22. Meghan was also baptized, and both were received into membership at St. Paul’s.

JOINT WORSHIP & MEETING MARCH 22: A joint worship service of St. John and St. Paul Lutheran churches will be held on Sunday, March 22 at St. John’s in Forest at 9 AM. Following worship, a joint meeting will be held to discuss the Five-Year Plan in preparation of calling a seminary candidate pastor. Following the meeting, a potluck lunch will be held. There will be no Sunday school or services at St. Paul’s on that day.

THANK YOU to the Ladies Aid members for donating to and hosting the Valentine’s Dinner at St. Paul’s and to those who attended.

SOUP AND SANDWICH SUPPERS will be held at St. Paul’s on March 4 and 18 at 6 pm prior to the joint Lenten worship service. All are invited to a free-will offering meal.

Pastor John Wilman, of St. Paul Lutheran Church, speaks at Deer Park's Memorial Day 2012 observance at Calvary Cemetery. The video is 7 minutes 40 seconds long and includes the entire message.


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