Memorial Day 2009

Memorial Day Crowd 2009
A portion of the Memorial Day crowd in 2009.
Bob Kaczmarski
Bob Kaczmarski

Memorial Day weather in 2009 was more typical than the year before. The day was typically cool, windy and sunny but free of the damaging storms that occurred in 2008.

Lowell Fouks and Chuck Mehls
Chuck Mehls and Lowell Fouks
Earl Hillestad and Bob Kastens
Earl Hillestad and Bob Kastens

Memorial Day marks the end of spring and the beginning of summer. As a summer holiday, it probably arrives about a week too early for the northern border states. Last year vicious storms hit the region the day before the holiday. The spring of 2009 has been dry and blustery and this day on May 25, 2009 was no exception.

Chuck Mehls once again heads up a squad comprised of members from the New Richmond VFW and New Richmond American Legion post. And once again they donated their personal time to pay military honors to the deceased veterans at Cylon, St. Bridget's of Stanton and Deer Park's Calvary Cemetery. The 11 man squad had 4 members that have Deer Park origins while others from the former Deer Park American Legion looked on.

"On behalf of the New Richmond VFW and New Richmond American Legion Post we offer military honors for those veterans that are deceased from any branch of the service." - Chuck Mehls squad leader.

Video contents:
VFW/American Legion video 2 min 53 sec.
Opening comments by Lowell Fouks 3 min 46 sec.
Pastor Dan Voth's entire address: 5 min 22 sec.

Closing remarks by Lowell Fouks, Calvary Cemetery sexton:

Ann Stuntz just wanted to remind you, like we have done in the past, that there is coffee on at the community center in Deer Park. Some things we just like to keep.

And I said Ruth Severson has got poppies. Please return the music and I thank you all for coming today. Hopefully next year I will have a little better sound system. I think I had one tube, I know that feeling, I think I got a bad tube too the last year. So anyway thank you all for coming. I am just so glad you all could make it.

Boy Scout Troop 146 paints the fence at Calvary in 2007 »

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