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Deer Park Public Library

Deer Park's New Library Building
112 Front St West
Deer Park, WI 54007

Preschool Storytime - Wed. 10:15 a.m.

The Deer Park Library has free Wi-Fi internet access.

Archived page. March 14, 2012

April 1, 2009 - The Code of Conduct for the Deer Park Public Library is now online.

Effective October 1, 2004 patrons must have their library card with them to access the library computers. The replacement cost for a lost library card is $1.00.

Donated Materials:
Stop by to shop at our perpetual book sale of donated and weeded books at the library. Used hard covers, paperbacks and VHS tapes are a bargain at $1.00 a bag. Free copies of weeded magazines and well-read books (in other words, very used) can be found in the Community Room.

We accept donations of any size from a single item to several boxes. Items should be clean, odor-free, and in like-new condition.

School Supplies
The library has free school supplies to anyone who needs them. Just ask a librarian.

Library News

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<Look!>This is an archived version of the OLD Deer Park Library web site, March 14, 2012. Click here for the NEW Library webpage!

Click here to read the library's March - April 2012 newsletter.

End of summer reading ice cream party, August 23, 2011.

New! Half hour aerobic exercise classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00pm.

Preschool Storytime - Wednesdays at 10:15 am

Coffee Time - During the fall and winter months we will be offering 5 cent coffee from 9:00-11:00 every Saturday. Stop and see us.

Volunteers are needed!

see Pat Waterman

Memorials and Donations

Memorials in 2004: $755 in Memorials were donated in honor of: Agnes Frank, Hank Gehrman, Herb Gust, and Earl & Ilene Rothe.

Memorials in 2005: $610 in Memorials were donated in honor of: Al Humpal, Stan Fishman, Vi Tabor, Mayta Jorgenson, Orville Gust, Evelyn Gust, Robert Torgerson, and Helen Rugo Zwolenski .

Memorials 2006-2007 $505.00 has been donated in memory of: Joseph Kostka, Bud Vetter, Helen Zwolenski, Warren Jorgenson, Joe Erickson, Robert Torgerson, Alexandria Terry, Ashley Severson, Erma Jacobson, Hazel Olson, Helen Rugo, John Rugo, Ronald Wilhelm, Vera Hougdahl, Verna Jacobson, William Stuntz, Mavis Croes, Mary Ann Fouks, Delwin Amondson.

Memorials 08-09: $645.00 from Bruce & Lona Delong, Evelyn Waidelich, Carolyn Mertz, Julie Walsh, Ruth Severson, Phyllis Humpal, Ed & Lois Burri, Kermit & Gloria Thompson, Mark & Kathie Cellotti, Joan Frank, Margie & Dan Lien, Mary Ann Germain, Phyllis Luhman, Lola Fouks, Susan Bielmeier and Brenda Olson.

Donations 2004: $390 in donations were received from the North Country 4-H group, the Deer Park History Project, the employees of the U.S. Post Office in Deer Park (designated for the Children's section) and Lois and Ed Burri. Six hundred dollars was also received from Cylon Township.

Donations 2005: $630 from Bremer Bank, North Country 4H, Deer Park Homemakers, Deer Park Lions and Niceli Engineering.

Donations 2006-2007 $1,265.40 has been donated by Brenda Olson, Phyllis Luman, Lois Burri, United Way, Deer Park Lions, Kathie Cellotti.

Donations 08-09: $2111.60 from Brenda and Randy Olson, Lois Burri, Janel Krueger, the WalMart Foundation and United Way.

Our thanks to family members and friends for remembering the library in memory of someone dear to them.

The More on-line catalog has a link to a new catalog format you can try out along with a link to an on-line survey to pass on your comments. Through the on-line catalog, http://www.more.lib.wi.us, you can order items for delivery to any MORE library you prefer for pickup. Our materials are available for loan to any registered on the MORE system. Through the MORE catalog, Deer Park patrons have access to materials in over 30 other libraries.

Whether an item was on the shelf or delivered via interlibrary loan, every item you check out at Deer Park Library helps generate funding for us to keep the lights on, the furnace going and purchase new materials. If you haven’t checked out any materials in a while, show your support. Stop in and check something out!

New link for Badgerlink (Wisconsin’s Connection to the World of Information): www.dpi.state.wi.us/badgerlink/ Magazine and News Articles.

The EBSCOhost button on the Badgerlink webpage has over twenty databases with full-text articles, citations and abstracts.

Click on the EBSCOHost button from Badgerlink through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction www.dpi.state.wi.us/badgerlink/ to access the Newspaper ARCHIVE Elite which has over 14.4 million fully searchable pages representing over 400 cities and towns with articles dating back as far as the 1700’s. This database is valuable for researching genealogy, history, culture and other newsworthy events.

United Way

March 14, 2012