Farewell to Saint Bridget's Parish of Stanton Township.

A view from the cemetery of St Bridget's in it's final hours.

The sun is setting on St. Bridget's
September 8, 2002.

The sun is setting on St Bridget's.
This parish was established in 1875
and closed September 15, 2002.

A final look at Saint Bridget's from the cemetery in the rear (southeast) of the building. The building will be removed and a special landmark will take it's place.

(Reprinted from the September 12, 2002 New Richmond News.)

Stanton church closes after 125 years

Final mass will be held Sunday,
followed by Open House

Text and Photo by Julie Shehane-Bannink,
Staff Reporter of the New Richmond News

Eighty-five-year-old Frank McNamara, left, and Jim Cody, 75, right, are two of the church's longest standing members. Here they take one last look around the historic church building before it's closed up for good.

A photo copy of the New Richmond News article.

A photo copy of the article as it appeared in the New Richmond News, September 12, 2002.

The congregation of St. Bridget's Parish Hall in Stanton will gather for the last time Sunday afternoon (September 15, 2002) as the church prepares to close its doors after 125 years.
    Sunday's mass, which will be given by Father Joseph Trinka, will mark the end of services at the church, and a pot luck luncheon that follows will be the last time the congregation gathers.
    The building will be closed immediately after the gathering, and the congregation will go their separate ways.
   Jim Cody, a trustee on the church board and member for the past 75 years, said the decision to close the church was a hard one to make.
    "It was a community decision. We've run out of members and we have very few families left," explained Cody, who lives just east of New Richmond. "We used to have a church full and we had a choir full, but now..."
    At one time 50-60 families attended the church. But now only 20 or so families remain active in the parish. Average age of the remaining members is about 50.
    "We don't have any young people in our church at all," Cody said. "There are so many different types of congregations now. We just don't have enough members anymore to be able to pay the bills."
    Members of the congregation are expected to split up - some are planning to attend St. John's Catholic Church in Clear Lake, while others say they will attend services in New Richmond.
    Father Trinka, who has been splitting his time between St. John's and St. Bridget's, will continue to serve the Clear Lake congregation until he retires.
    Members of the church say they will always have their memories.
    "My wife (Arliss) and I were married in that church 50 years ago and I have three generations of family buried in the cemetery.
Officials said the cemetery, located adjacent to the church, will continue to be operated through donations and volunteer work.
    "Most of the people buried there are Irish immigrants and there are lots of entire families there, so hopefully we can keep it going," Cody explained.
    Sunday's mass will begin at 2 p.m. at the church, followed by the pot luck luncheon. The church is located at 2245 County Road T.

Church parish hall to be given away

Members of the congregation have decided to donate or give away the former St. Bridget's church building and all of its contents.
    Cody said the building must be moved in order to make way for a special landmark, which will be created at the spot where the church once sat.
    "The inside of the building is beautiful and we hope to put it to good use for another congregation," Cody said. "And it's also expensive to tear it down."
    The parish hall, located next to the church, has been offered to the Town of Stanton for use as a possible community center or banquet hall.
    Members of the Town Board are expected to decide tonight whether or not they would like to assume ownership of it," Cody said. "The parish hall doesn't have to be moved. It can sit on the property."
    Members of the congregation said they do not know what will happen to the buildings if they aren't "adopted."
    Persons interested in "adopting" the old building can contact Cody at 715-246-3256.

Memorial Day View
Memorial Day 2004

Empty Lot
September 2004

Overall View


Dedicated to the memory of the beloved
parishioners, priests, and nuns whose
efforts made this parish a success
for over a century.

May their example inspire us in
righteous paths and deeds and may
their souls and all souls of the
faithful departed, through the mercy
of god, rest in peace. Amen

1875 - 2002

November 2004

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Saint Bridget's Parish

Saint Bridget's Parish

Sunday Mass 8:30 AM

Located in Stanton township on County Road 'T' between County Road 'H' and State Highway 64.

Celebrating 127 years of worshipping and praising the Lord


Saint Bridget's
St Paul Lutheran
United Methodist
East Immanuel
Lutheran Church